BWB-Ampho offers you the innovative process of electrolytic plasma polishing. This further development of traditional electrolytic polishing is a particularly suitable solution for complex workpieces whose high demands on purity, gloss and surface quality are difficult or impossible to meet with other processes.

Electrolytic plasma polishing is an electrochemical treatment used to clean, deburr and polish metal parts. In a single operation, welding seams are cleaned, discoloration is removed, and surfaces are polished to an optimum finish. In addition, all organic and inorganic impurities are removed with minimal loss of material, so that the original geometric shape of the object is completely preserved.

The many advantages of plasma polishing include surface roughness Ra and up to ten times less material removal than traditional electrolytic polishing (see comparison table).


  • A never before achieved level of gloss
  • Uniform polishing of the inner surfaces, regardless of their geometry or surface condition
  • Leveling of micro-roughnesses (< 0.03 µm) without special pretreatment or cleaning
  • Processing of any contours with minimum material removal
  • A significant increase in corrosion resistance
  • A clean surface, free from organic and inorganic contaminants for medical use
  • smooth surface to simplify cleaning, decontamination and sterilization
  • use of environmentally friendly electrolytes


  • Stainless steels (C<1%, Cr>5%)
  • Cobalt-chrome alloys (CoCr)
  • Cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys (CoCrMo)